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Double Knockout Roses Frost Proof Gardenia Purple Wisteria Vine Knockout Rose Tree Meyer Lemon Tree Fragrant Teal Olive
Shrubs and Hedges Fast Growing Trees
   •  Abelia Shrubs    •  Lilac Shrubs    •  Bamboo Trees    •  Holly Trees
   •  Encore Azalea Shrubs    •  Loropetalum Shrubs    •  Crape Myrtle Trees    •  Maple Trees
   •  Barberry Shrubs    •  Medium Shrubs    •  Cold Climate Trees    •  Palm Trees
   •  Boxwood Shrubs    •  Nandina Shrubs    •  Dogwood Trees    •  Pink Flowering Trees
   •  Buddleia Shrubs    •  Privacy Shrubs    •  Drought Tolerant Trees    •  Poplar Trees
   •  Camellia Shrubs    •  Rhododendron Shrubs    •  Evergreen Privacy Trees    •  Red Flowering Trees
   •  Burning Bush Shrubs    •  Rose of Sharon Shrubs    •  Fall Color Trees    •  Shade Trees
   •  Dogwood Shrubs    •  Shade Shrubs    •  Flowering Trees    •  Thuja Trees
   •  Euonymus Shrubs    •  Small Shrubs    •  Fruit Trees    •  White Flowering Trees
   •  Flowering Shrubs    •  Spirea Shrubs      •  Willow Trees
   •  Forsythia Shrubs    •  Tea Olive Shrubs    
   •  Gardenia Shrubs    •  Viburnum Shrubs
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   •  Holly Shrubs    •  Weigela Shrubs  
   •  Hydrangea Shrubs    •  Fast Growing Shrubs    
   •  Large Shrubs    •  Deer Resistant Shrubs    
   •  Ligustrum Shrubs      
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Rose Bushes Flowering Vines
   •  Double Knockout Roses    •  Rose Trees    •  Clematis Vines    •  Sun Loving Vines
   •  Knockout Roses    •  Red Knockout Roses    •  Evergreen Vines    •  Shade Loving Vines
   •  Knockout Rose Trees    •  Sunny Knockout Rose    •  Fragrant Vines    •  Vines as Groundcovers
   •  Pink Knockout Roses    •  White Out Rose    •  Honeysuckle Vines    •  Wisteria Vines
       •  Ivy Vines    •  Wisteria Trees
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   •  Jasmine Vines  
•  View all Vines
Edible Plants Perennials
   •  Apple Trees    •  Fruit Trees    •  Ajuga Perennials    •  Lily of the Nile
   •  Citrus Trees    •  Berry Bushes    •  Daylily Perennials    •  Sedum Perennials
   •  Cherry Trees      •  Early Bloomers    •  Shade Perennials
       •  Hosta Perennials    •  Sun Perennials
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   •  Hardy Banana Tree    •  Herbs and Spices
       •  Late Bloomers  
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Thank you for visiting our nursery. We provide you with only the highest quality plants, delivered to you straight from the nursery. Every plant we send has a superior root system that promotes quicker growth, brighter flowers and care-free maintenance… handpicked for long lasting beauty.

One of the most popular flowering shrubs is our Knockout Roses… giving you over 6 months of blooms! If you’re looking for hardy flowering trees, we now carry the amazing Royal Empress Tree… which can grow an incredible 13 feet a year!

Great care is taken to ensure that your order arrives in the best condition possible. Your plants are well watered, secured inside their box, and quickly shipped by FedEx. Whether you are looking for the sweetly scented Tea Olive, Gardenia Plants, or huge colorful blooms from the Endless Summer Hydrangeas … your plants will arrive in great condition.

Everything you find at Brighter Blooms Nursery must meet the highest of standards. They are easy to grow; very adaptable, and can thrive in extreme conditions such as extended drought. Your plants also have excellent pests and disease resistance, so there’s no need to spray chemicals. Be sure to consider all these factors before buying trees, shrubs or perennials from other nurseries.

With our large selection of fast growing trees, you are sure to find one that fits your needs.  Plant the unique Black Bamboo that offers an instant privacy screen. Or try some of our citrus trees, including the new Improved Meyer Lemon Tree.

At Brighter Blooms Nursery, you’ll find shade trees, rose bushes, flowering shrubs and beautiful perennial plants. And newer varieties like Encore Azaleas, the banana trees and the Sky Pencil Holly. We are always adding new plants to our collection.

Sometimes you just don’t know what you’ll get when you order online. At Brighter Blooms Nursery, you’ll receive a full, developed plant that is ready to thrive in its new home. You won’t receive a twig in a cup. Our nursery offers larger sizes that are more developed… this ensures you get a mature plant faster. We guarantee success in growing your new plants.

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