Brighter Blooms Nursery

If anything does happen to your plants during delivery, don't worry... we got you covered. Every plant is covered by our warranty.

We guarantee that your plants and trees will arrive Happy and Healthy. If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied at any time in the first 30 days, simply contact us and we will replace the plant or tree, free of charge.

Deciduous trees will typically have minimal, or even no branching when young. In fact, we prune branches from young trees in order to promote faster growth and higher branching later. This makes for a skinnier looking tree now, but one that will be taller and properly branched out in one or two seasons. We also shun growth regulators that can make plants look unnaturally full and chubby in the garden center, but will severely stunt their growth once planted in your yard.

Should a deciduous tree ship dormant in the winter or spring fail to emerge from dormancy by May 30, we will guarantee it outside of the five-day notification period.

To determine if your plant is dead or alive, scratch a small area of bark by the trunk. You can rub it with a coin or fingernail. If you see brown or black underneath, then the plant is dead. If you see green, then the plant is alive and should recover. If the time is fall through spring, the plant is likely in full or partial dormancy. If the time is during the growing season, then the leaves may have temporarily dropped as a self pruning measure. This acts as a reset switch for the plant and is normally just temporary. Live material is not covered under the warranty.

We cannot guarantee your gardening abilities, hungry animals, plants shipped out of recommended growing zones, human damage, extreme weather damage, overwatering, drought, insects, disease or poor soil conditions. Plants are living organisms that can die from a hundred different causes beyond our control. We’re not a big box store that can offer plants at a loss or lure you in with unrealistic plant guarantees in order to get you to buy other merchandise. Plants are our only business. We go to great lengths to build mutual trust with our customers and guarantee that any plant we send out is culturally viable.