Valentine's Day: 3 Reasons to Branch Out

Valentine's Day: 3 Reasons to Branch Out

In 2017, Americans spent $18.2 BILLION on gifts for their significant others on Valentine’s Day. 48.3% of those gifts were, you guessed it, cut flowers. Why are we spending $50 to $125 dollars on flower arrangements that are going to wither and die within a week!? Consider giving your loved ones something that is long-lasting, and will continue to grow overtime, just like your love. You know what they say, grocery store flowers on Valentine’s Day are the perfect way to show someone you care slightly more than not at all. Here are the top 3 reasons to branch out from cut flowers this Valentine's Day:

#1: Store-Bought = Expensive

Due to the price gouging law of supply and demand, roses double in price during the Valentine’s Day season. You’re not only paying for the high demand on roses, but you’re also paying for the manual labor, transportation costs, economy factors, and much more.

Roses are often delivered by plane or truck if they’re coming from farms located in the United States, further increasing your price. 

#2: Not Home-Grown

Have you ever thought about where your flowers are from? You would assume that they were grown locally, but according to IB Times, 90% of the flowers that Americans will purchase for Valentine’s Day will be imported. 

#3: Cut Roses Die

The roses that you buy from florists and grocery stores are about seven days old before they even get to your Valentine. Instead of spending an insane amount of money on flowers that are going to die within a few days, consider Knock Out® Roses instead. They were created by William Radler, to be everything that traditional roses are not. He loved the elegance of the flower, but hated the fact that they were prone to diseases and couldn’t withstand cold temperatures. The Knock Out® Rose is pest resistant, disease resistant, and cold hardy. 

We live in an age where we aren’t limited by what’s in our local area.  Don’t conform and give another boring bouquet. Give your Valentine something they’ll never forget!


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