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Ferns are known for being America's favorite houseplants, but they have surprised many by being highly ornamental when lining borders and garden beds. Ferns are extremely fond of moisture, both in the air and in the soil. This gives gardeners in humid areas a gorgeous option for a garden addition.

Ferns vary in looks, with some, like the Painted Fern having a hint of color. Some, like the Boston Fern grow so robust that they will overlap their containers, and yet some, like the Cinnamon Fern have deeply-colored, upright fronds that emerge from the bright green leaves.

Ferns share many characteristics, one being their dislike for long, direct sunlight. This makes them perfect for shade gardens. They are also beneficial to the environment, especially the Boston Fern, which is a leader in plants that improve air quality inside homes.

You will find ferns growing throughout the country, as growing zones will vary by fern. They are easy to grow and very popular with both beginner and expert gardeners.

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