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Ligustrum Shrubs

Growing Zones: 7-10
Our Price: $49.99
Growing Zones: 6-11
Our Price: $59.99

Create the Perfect Amount of Privacy with Ligustrum Shrubs!

Whether you are looking for privacy or simply something different to add to your landscape, these Ligustrum shrubs are sure to please. Our selections are hardy to zones 7-10 and provide you with low maintenance, easy to grow plants that will often outperform your expectations in many areas.

Because they are fast growers, you can quickly fill an open space. Yet, because these plants are also quite dense, they make the perfect hedge.

Low Maintenance Ligustrum Shrubs Make the Perfect Landscaping Accent!

Ligustrum shrubs are very low maintenance. These plants are hardy to the warmer zones and they display amazing drought tolerance, making them a perfect choice for areas that don't see a lot of rainfall during the summer. These plants will also tolerate multiple prunings throughout the year.

Want something not so traditional? The Variegated Privet might be right up your alley!

The Variegated Privet, another type of Ligustrum, is also super-easy to grow and is perfect for new gardeners, as it is very low maintenance.

Many describe it as looking like a giant, rolled up porcupine from several hundred feet away, but this plant will amaze you the closer you get. With smooth, distinct gray leaves outlined in creamy white, this plant is truly a striking addition to the landscape. As the middle of summer arrives, you’ll notice an abundance of small, white flowers that are followed by berries of bluish-black.

The fast growing Privet is an ideal selection for hedges, borders, and walkways. Blossoms appear in spring/summer, jazzing up the areas that may typically seem commonplace. The Privet is highly adaptable and versatile, providing ease of care.

Our Privets can be purchased in sizes much larger than you'll find with other companies. This is our way of making sure you get the most from your shrub right away!

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