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Medium Shrubs

Growing to average heights of between 3-5 feet with a similar spread for select varieties, medium-size shrubs offer great versatility in your garden. They can provide a mid-level layer between your taller backdrop shrubs and your low-growing plants up front.

If a low hedge-border is in your landscaping plan, consider our Wintergreen Boxwood. This attractive evergreen can be neatly shaped to fit under windows as a foundation hedge, or used as a decorative accent surrounding your raised deck or patio. Boxwood is also deer resistant and trouble-free.

For color, our most popular repeat-bloomers are the Red Double Knockout Rose Bush and Pink Double Knockout Roses. You get an explosion of blooms from each one... lasting up to nine months! 

Even the Endless Summer Hydrangea will turn some heads!

Do you want something exciting and a shrub that nobody on the block has seen? If you want a shrub that's exotic and dramatic, fragrant and has edible fruit--then that tall order can only be filled by our magnificent Black Lace Elderberry. Dark purple, wispy foliage forms the background for colossal cotton-candy pink blossoms that produce healthy and delicious elderberries. You'll be baking pies, canning preserves and pressing these mouth-watering berries into juice and wine. This eye-catching shrub truly delivers on the Wow Factor!

Drought-tolerant, easy to maintain and flaunting 3 seasons of interest, the Edward Goucher Abelia is a perfect fit wherever you need a mid-sized shrub that's graceful and delicate. Fragrant lavender-pink flowers bloom all summer long, and when fall arrives, emerald green foliage turns stunning shades of bronze and maroon.

If you're looking for a fiery explosion of color that can fit into any spot in the garden, even a relatively tight area, then look no further than our Cherry Dazzle Crape Myrtle. This is the only true dwarf red Crape Myrtle available and is bread to be shrubby and fit in smaller locations in the garden. This mini Myrtle is disease resistant and drought tolerant and will transform your garden into a show-stopping display of drama and brilliance.

Take a peek at all our other medium-size shrubs, as there is certainly something in our catalog that will be a brilliant fit into your collection.

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