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No matter the theme, size or geographical location of your garden, there’s a phlox for that! You will find these cold hardy plants growing all over the United States, and there are many varieties in the phlox family. All of them offer stunning and bright colors, so many gardeners often just separate them by height.

The Phlox Subulata is often referred to as creeping phlox, moss phlox or ground phlox, because as those names suggests, those are the shorter variety, often reaching only 6 inches in height. These phlox usually bloom in the spring, carpeting landscapes with show stopping colors. You should use these ground hugging plants in edging, along paths, as a wall cascade or simply pot them for more definition.

The Phlox Paniculata is sometimes known as garden phlox or tall phlox. As you guessed it, they grow a bit taller than their more compact subulata cousins. The majority of these grow to be from 1 to 2 feet in height, with the largest being the rich purple Nicky Phlox, one of the newer phlox. It was bred to reach heights of up to 3-4 feet. Most of these phlox are considered summer perennials, or fall phlox in some areas, and are used as background plants. These can also be used as accents or in container gardens, but the biggest benefit of the larger phlox is their use as a cut flower. Just snip and bring indoors to your favorite vase, or include them in a floral arrangement.

No matter the size, all phlox work well in a garden bed or in a container. All are either evergreen or semi-evergreen, further enhancing their garden appeal. These plants look best when planted in clusters, or as accents to other garden plants. Each one is fragrant, adding a distinct aroma to your home or garden.

Alexandra Phlox Paniculata Phlox
Bright Eyes Paniculata Phlox
Emerald Pink Subulata Phlox
Pink Flame Paniculata Phlox

Grenadine Dream Paniculata Phlox
Scarlet Flame Subulata Phlox

Blue Paradise Paniculata Phlox
Emerald Blue Subulata Phlox

Lilac Flame Paniculata Phlox
Nicky Paniculata Phlox

Danielle Paniculata Phlox
Snowflake Subulata Phlox

Candy Stripe Subulata Phlox
Peppermint Twist Paniculata Phlox

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