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Thriving in growing zones 2-8, Tulips are surely one of the most well-known flowers. These plants bloom in a wide variety of colors, and look beautiful in a vase as a table centerpiece.

Tulip bulbs are drought tolerant and require little maintenance, making them very easy to grow. Plant them in the fall for a dazzling show of colors in the spring.

Choose from an array of colors to make your flower garden a neighborhood favorite. Plant them in soil that is well-drained in an area that gets partial shade or full sun. Position 10 bulbs in a row to make an extraordinary border!

When Tulip bulbs are planted in the fall, they will come to life at the first sign of spring. They are an eye-catcher standing anywhere from 16-24 inches tall, depending on the variety.

Tulips grow well in containers too! Plant several bulbs in your favorite planter and place it on your patio or entryway. Try a variety of colors to truly create an amazing sight!
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