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Daylily Bulbs are perennial plants that anyone can succeed at growing. Daylily Bulbs will grow just about anywhere and aren’t picky about soil. You will want to make sure they have drainage when preparing your planting space. Probably the best way to kill a day lily is to allow it to sit in water and rot. If you have heavy clay, plant them a bit higher or in a raised bed.

Newly-planted Daylilies will need some attention. When you buy Daylilies, choose either full sun or part shade to plant them in for best blooming. Giving them deeply loosened soil is the best thing to do at the start. Mixing the ground soil with some humus or compost will help them easily spread roots faster. Your Daylily Bulbs will adjust and become drought tolerant quicker when you prep the planting site right.

It’s always a good idea to fertilize regularly. This is especially true with new plants in your yard and garden. Use slow release granular fertilizer or apply MiracleGro monthly until fall and you’ll be rewarded with more blooms in the summer. After their first full year in the soil on a fertilizer schedule, you’ll have bigger blossoms and more of them from the increased root growth you helped your Daylilies create.

Cleaning Daylilies in bloom is really easy. You can remove spent flowers, but you don’t have to – they will fall off. Once all buds on a flower stem have finished opening, you simply cut it off down inside the leaves. Dead heading (removing old flowers) will help your daylily bulb plants produce more flowers. Plants only flower for the purpose of reproduction. By interrupting the process of setting seed, you make the plant work harder at trying to reproduce.