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You head to your yard, book in one hand, an ice cold drink in the other. You sit down in your favorite outdoor recliner. The sun is shining. Life is perfect.


Your neighbor’s five dogs are barking at you from their porch. Plus, his unsightly pink storage shed is visible from your chair. To make matters worse, his large bay window reveals a pair of binoculars aimed in your direction.

What to do? A new neighbor is not in the cards. You want a nice fence, but you lack the time, money, and know how. Unless your neighbor wins a European vacation for the next five years, your best choice is a living privacy hedge. Green walls are not only economical, but they add natural class to your home.

Thuja Green Giant

Evergreens are the ideal privacy hedge. They offer year round looks without any winter leaf shedding associated with deciduous trees and shrubs. Plus, you have the look of brilliant emerald green 365 days a year! Of all the evergreens, the Thuja Green Giants are the fastest growing at 5 feet per year. This prolific mammoth was created by expert breeders at the US National Arboretum specifically for natural privacy.

And it’s a keeper. The Thuja is a prime model for the “plant it and forget” approach to landscaping. Drought is not an issue. Pests and disease look elsewhere. You can plant in heavy clay or even a sandy mix. Deer even hate it. Pruning? Only when you reach the desired height. In that case, take off the top leader branch and you’re done. Its natural conical share means you don’t have to shape the front. And it’s narrow enough to be planted close to other hedges. It will fill out quickly, blocking any prying eyes. If you decide to not prune at all, your Thuja Green Giant will reach up to 40 feet. Imagine that. Four stories of total privacy!

Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress Trees grow even faster than their Thuja counterpart, with an average growth of six feet per year! Its soft nettle like foliage lends a lovely flair to this pyramid shaped tree. Its deep emerald luster lasts every season, and it is compatible with almost any landscape design.

Plus, much like the Thuja, maintenance is zero. Pests and disease look for more vulnerable plants. It loves full sun, and the Leyland can handle any soil variety. Strong winds, ice storms, and even drought can’t take down the mighty Leyland Cypress.

But, of course, its real strength is the privacy barrier look. Within a few years, the Leyland bursts with dense growth, creating a thick privacy wall that not even a bird can peer through.

Willow Hybrid Tree

You like the 5 feet per year growth of the Thuja, and you get even more excited by the six feet per year of the Leyland. But you need more. You want a magical privacy hedge that can go eight, no, ten feet!

Is there such a thing? Yes there is, privacy lover. Look no further than the The Willow Hybrid. By the end of the first growing season, you will already have a healthy hedge that bursts with dense foliage, hiding unsightly property and providing the ideal noise barrier.

While the Willow Hybrid is not an evergreen, it still grows fast enough to provide the ultimate cover for even the most unsightly structures. The Willow Hybrid is quickly becoming a top choice for contractors and developers who want a fast growing tree to add value to housing developments.

This lush green giant can grow up to 60 feet and is fuss free. Pests and disease are a non-factor. The Willow can thrive in hot and cold climates, and it will adjust to any soil.

Just You and Your Yard

These natural fences are a great way for you to get back to the simple private life without a big ugly fence that screams, get out! You will be surrounded by the look of nature, and you have a beautiful wall of green all year long. And best of all, no next door eye sores!