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TeaOlivePhotoFragrant Tea Olive

Sweet Osmanthus
is a rugged, easy to grow evergreen shrub.

When your new Fragrant Tea Olive arrives you will do well to let it rest in the shade for a couple of days before planting it out in your yard. Keep the roots moist and let it recoup from the trip it just made across the country. You can give it a little Miracle Gro too which it will really appreciate. There’s nothing like a meal rich in nutrients to assist getting back on track after traveling.

Be sure to loosen the soil well before planting your Fragrant Tea Olive.
You want fluffed soil two times in two times as big an area as the roots of your shrb. It always helps your new flowering evegreen adapt faster if you work some compost into the ground soil when you plant. Be sure to soak the entire pot completely before covering with soil.

The fastest way to suffer decline is to plant a dry root ball.
It needs to root into the surrounding soil to be able to withstand drought. Apply Miracle Grow once a month and you’ll get quick new roots and foliage. Continuing to fertilize regularly or with a yearly slow release plant food is always suggested for optimum growth.

Tea Olives can be left natural or sheared.
How you will shape this new flowering bushes are up to you and your landscape design. It will blend into a natural setting with a light trim to make it grow thick and full. To fill well for a hedge you’ll want to shear it for a good privacy barrier. To grow Sweat Olive shrubs in your foundation bed, you will definitely want to plan on shearing it for a more formal appearance.


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