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Black Cherry Combo Container Kit
* images shown are of mature plants

Black Cherry Combo Container Kit

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Easily Assemble Multiple Plants in one Container!

Even gardeners in mild climates can enjoy a tropical touch in their landscape by creating lush container gardens. But sometimes not knowing which plants are compatible – colors, sizes and similar care needs – can put a damper on your best-intentioned effort at creating a spectacular potted creation. We’ve taken the guesswork from your design dilemma with this container plant combination, and we’re also including a pretty pot!

Colorful and Textural Plant Combination
(1) Calidora Elephant Ear (Alocasia x ‘Calidora’ – Zones 9-11). Not your average elephant ear, Calidora has an upright form with deeply corrugated leaves that beg you to touch them!

(2) Black Cherry Supertunia (Petunia x ‘USTUN3003’ SUPERTUNIA® BLACK CHERRY™ – Zones 10-11). You won’t believe the stunning coloration on this petunia -- deep-red petals with black accents. Unlike other types of petunias that need deadheading to keep them flowering, Black Cherry Supertunia can trail up to 30 inches without needing you to pinch the stems to keep the plants in bloom.

(2) Diamond Frost Euphorbia (Euphorbia x ‘Inneuphdia’ DIAMOND FROST® – Zones 10-11). Adding brightness to this arrangement, Diamond Frost Euphorbia peeks all around the deep, rich tones of Black Cherry Supertunia with its white, lacy flowers.

(2) Goldilocks Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia ‘Goldilocks’ – Zones 4-9). With intensely gold foliage that complements the dark-red and white flowers of its pot companions, Goldilocks Creeping Jenny really puts on a show!

A Soilless Foundation for Healthy Plants
A common failure with container gardening is using the wrong type of soil. Good soil in the garden sustains in-ground plants, but it’s not the best choice for containers. When it’s restricted by the walls of pots, garden soil becomes packed, which squeezes out the air particles around plant roots. And when roots don’t get enough oxygen, plants suffer. Choose a professionally blended soilless potting mix for your container that’s formulated for outside potted plants (not houseplants). Look for a mix that already has slow-release nutrients added, so you won’t have to purchase additional fertilizer.

So Easy to Put Together!
As you fill your container with soilless mix and add your plants, keep the finished level about 2 inches below the top of the pot. You’ll be glad you left this little bit of head space so when you water your plants, the water soaks in instead of spilling over the pot. Position the Calidora Alocasia in the center of the container as a vertical accent. Around this plant, stagger the Black Cherry Supertunia and Diamond Frost Euphorbia plants so that they can intermingle as they grow. And last, place the Goldilocks Creeping Jenny plants -- one on each side of the pot (or both clustered at the front).

Garden Design Flair
This container presentation needs a prominent spot to feature its texture and vivid color, such as a sunny deck, patio or even poolside. If you have an arbor, place two pots – one on each side of this structure – to create an inviting entrance to your yard or garden. Cluster a grouping of smaller potted plants around your container garden, or place three of these container gardens in a triangular formation in a corner of your garden.

Caring for your Finished Container Garden
You will relish the ease of ongoing care for your container creation! Simply find a sunny spot (a little afternoon shade is okay), keep it watered so the plant roots don’t dry out and fertilize it once with a slow-release fertilizer (unless you’re using a potting mix that already contains nutrients). If you prefer using fertilizer that you mix in water, find a water-soluble product that’s formulated for outside container plants, and alternate watering and fertilizing times.

What if You’re on Vacation?
Although you may take a break from your usual routine when you vacation, your plants can’t take a break from needing to be watered! If a neighbor or friend isn’t available to help out during this time, you can make a quick and easy self-watering system to tend your plants while you’re away. With a wide piece of cloth that you cut from an old cotton shirt (t-shirt or flannel), press one end into the soil of your container and let the other end soak in a bucket of water. The bucket end will wick water through the fabric into the soil to keep your plants hydrated while you’re gone! Test this system a few days before you leave to make sure everything’s working just right.

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