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Black Pepper Plant
  • Black Pepper Plant
  • Black Pepper Plant
  • Growing Zones: 5-11 patio/ 10-11 outdoors
    What's my zone?
    Mature Height: 15-30 ft.
    Mature Width: 12-15 ft.
    Sunlight: Partial Shade
    Spacing: 12-15 ft.
    Cannot Ship to: AZ
    This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

    Black Pepper Plant

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    Have Fun Growing Your Own Black Pepper!

    • A mature plant produces hundreds of peppercorns each year.
    • Produces pepper the first year!
    • Decorative and colorful plant looks great in any landscape
    • Highly adaptable to indoors.

    A Spice Lover’s Dream
    Aromatic whiffs of ripe peppercorns on the vine lead to hot and pungent tastes when dried. Spikes of creamy yellow flowers adorn the vine amid glossy green almond-shaped leaves. Glistening green pods ripen to a bright red.

    The beauty of the fruits is that you can pick them at any stage and still enjoy the sublime taste. Pick them green, dry for three weeks in the sun, and enjoy ground green peppercorns. Or remove the red hull to reveal white fruits that can be dried for a milder taste. The traditional black pepper is done by drying with the red skin on and then ground for the spiciest taste of the three.

    Unleash your cooking prowess on any dish, from spaghetti to meat marinades. Plus, you’ll enjoy the peppercorns’ nutritional benefits, which are used to prevent numerous digestive ailments.

    Limitless Design Potential
    The cooking opportunities are endless. And so are the landscape ideas. Add to a trellis or a wall, and the vine can climb up to thirty feet. Your neighbors will wonder what’s going on behind your gorgeous privacy hedge. Pepper plants dislike cold temperatures, but don’t worry if you live more north. The vine grows amazingly indoors! Imagine your guests’ looks when they see a lush vine ripe with colorful berries among your other houseplants.

    Not Fussy
    The plant’s looks are diverse, but the maintenance is low. Pests and disease are uncommon. You can typically spray a jet of water to get rid of insects. Fertilize organically in the spring for happy production. Your Black Pepper Plant loves all types of well-drained soils and prefers partial shade with high humidity. Pruning leaves are a cinch. Just get rid of any dead leaves at the beginning of the season. Not much work for such a royal plant!

    Get your Black Pepper Plant today. Your gardens and your culinary creations will be the talk of the neighborhood!

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