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Cherry Wasabi Combo Container Kit
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    Cherry Wasabi Combo Container Kit

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    Easily Assemble Multiple Plants in one Container!

    Summer sizzle is what you’ll see with the electric color combination of this container garden! As a perfect example of the classic “thriller-filler-spiller” design theme of mixed-planting pots, the center spiked foliage is softened by the billowy plants that encircle it before drawing the eye downward with trailing stems. Our plant designers have chosen these plants because of their proportionate sizes, complementary colors and their ability to grow well together in a single pot, which we also include for you!

    A Stark Contrast Makes an Effective Arrangement
    (1) Red Star Dracaena (Cordyline australis ‘Red Star’ – Zones 9-11). Sword-shaped foliage of burgundy-red adds the colorful vertical interest to this combo.

    (2) Black Cherry Supertunia (Petunia x ‘USTUN3003’ SUPERTUNIA® BLACK CHERRY™ – Zones 10-11). Absolute knock-your-socks-off color with vibrant cherry-red flowers that have black highlights.

    (2) Wasabi Coleus (Plectranthus scutellarioides ‘UFO843’– Zones 10-11). The neon-green foliage on this coleus provides a striking contrast to the black, red and white colors of the other plants.

    (2) White Licorice Helichrysum (Helichrysum petiolare – Zones 9-11). A foliage plant extraordinaire with silvery-white foliage that has the slightest fragrance of licorice.

    Why Garden Soil is not the Best Choice
    If you use a superior potting mix, your plants will thrive instead of “just getting by.” And when the heat of summer takes hold, you’ll really notice the difference! Even if your garden soil is high quality, it loses its natural properties when forced into a pot. What was rich soil in your garden becomes dense and compacted in a container. This is why professional growers and savvy gardeners use soilless potting mixes, with ingredients that include compost, peat moss, vermiculite and shredded tree bark. These non-soil components keep the soilless mix light and fluffy so plant roots can breathe and water drains easily.

    Use Your Artistic Eye
    When you add the soilless mix to your container, work toward the goal of a finished (planted) pot that has 2 inches of space at the top. This head space allows water to soak into the potting mix without cascading over the side. Take the plants gently out of their shipping pots and place the Red Star Dracaena in the center of the pot (to which you’ve already started adding potting mix). Moving outward – toward the edges of the pot – stagger the Wasabi Coleus, Black Cherry Supertunia and White Licorice Helichrysum plants around the Red Star Dracaena so that as they grow together, they’ll form a profusion of color. There’s no right or wrong -- rely on your creativity!

    Perfect Pot Placement
    You will love the design possibilities of your finished container garden. You can line a sunny sidewalk or place containers in stair-step fashion on the risers to your front door. This particular combination makes a lovely centerpiece for your patio table. Clustered in groups of three, you can use these pots as a design feature at your home’s entrance.

    Simple Care Tips
    This plant combination will flourish in full sun, although they can handle a little afternoon shade. Because they’ll be growing in a sunny spot, the potting mix will dry faster during the hottest days of summer. So keep your container well-watered, which may be two or three times weekly in hot weather. Each time you water, give it a thorough soaking until the water drains from the bottom. If the potting mix you use does not contain fertilizer, the next simplest option is to apply a slow-release granular fertilizer, according to the label directions.

    Can it Survive Your Vacation if You’re Away?
    Yes, if you follow a few simple steps. Move your container gardens to a shady spot under a tree. Place the pot in a large pan or a bucket that’s larger than your container. A child’s wading pool is the perfect choice for multiple container gardens. Add water to the pan, bucket or wading pool to a depth of several inches.

    Note: This is only a temporary watering system; if you use this setup to water your container permanently, the soil will stay moist for too long and the plant roots can rot.

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