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Elegant Twist Bonsai

Elegant Twist Bonsai

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Growing Zones: 3-11
Mature Height: 12-14 inches
Mature Width: 10-12 inches
Sunlight: Partial; Indoor Indirect
Botanical: Dracaena sanderiana

The Natural Lucky Charm

The Elegant Twist Bamboo is the top choice for indoor plant decor. Also known as Lucky Bamboo, this gorgeously spiraled plant looks great in office spaces, kitchens, and Feng Shui designs.

People love the Elegant Twist because...
• Simple maintenance and easy to grow
• Virtually indestructible
• Comes in an attractive vase with deco stones

The Elegant Twist is traditionally a symbol of prosperity and fortune for anyone who has the plant in their home. Give the Lucky Bamboo to a loved one to spread the luck and good cheer. The dramatic twists of the stalks give way to a gorgeous fan of leaves. The refined look will have guests wishing they were so fortunate!

Stylish Simplicity
The graceful display of the Elegant Twist is easy to maintain. Pruning is a cinch by cutting the offshoots (steer clear of the main stem) down to about an inch. New shoots will soon appear to give your bamboo a bushier look. Lucky Bamboo can grow in an inch of water filled with pebbles.

A Happy Home
The Elegant Twist will yellow in direct sunlight, making it the ideal indoor specimen. The plant thrives in indirect light which means you can put it in virtually any room that needs a natural sprucing up. Wherever you place the Elegant Twist, the space is sure to brighten up in looks, luck, and charm!

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