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Money Tree

Money Tree

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The Perfect Gift for the Investor in Your Life

The Money Tree (finances wealthius) has been saught after for generations for its ability to grow cash on it's branches.

Like alchemy, the Money Tree was thought to be a myth… but after years and years of genetic experiments, Brighter Blooms Nursery has finally found a way where money can literally grow on trees!

Don’t expect an immediate return on your investment. The first few years, your tree will bud out with various types of coins- pennies, nickels, dimes, and a few quarters.

However, over time, these coins will mature into actual paper money- going as valuable as $100 dollar bills!

A great gift for the financial investor in your life that also does a little gardening on the side. It’s a gift that pays for itself!

Be sure to act fast, because these trees will surely sell out soo… ooops, they just sold out!

April fools!

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