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Inca Ice Peruvian Lily
  • Inca Ice Peruvian Lily
  • Inca Ice Peruvian Lily
  • Inca Ice Peruvian Lily

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    Growing Zones: 5-9
    Mature Height: 2-3 ft.
    Mature Width: 2-3 ft.
    Sunlight: Full - Partial
    Blooms: Summer - Fall
    Spacing: 24-30 in.
    Botanical: Alstroemeria 'KOice'
    Plant Size 3 inch pots

    A New Hardy One – Beautiful in the Garden or in the Vase!

    Huge Blooms Just Keep Coming All Summer and Fall
    Prized by Florists – Now You Can Grow Your Own!
    Bred for Big Flowers on Compact Plants That Stay Upright
    Large, Vibrant Flowers Don’t Stop Coming Until Late Fall!
    This plant will give you more color over a longer period that most anything else you can grow! The large blooms are of pastel pink and cream, with a rare icy turquoise shade brushed on the tips, and they are extremely numerous. In fact, each stem is topped with a cluster of as many as 20 blooms! Exceptionally vigorous and exceptionally floriferous, Inca Ice keeps the blooms coming from early summer clear through most of fall, until stopped by cold weather. And it is remarkable not just for its blooms, but for its strong stems that form a lush, bushy plant that keeps renewing itself in the garden as it sends up new shoots during the season.
    It’s Hardy to Zone 5, So You Can Grow Your Own Beautiful Peruvian Lily!
    Peruvian lilies have long been a favorite of florists, but they were suitable only for growing in the greenhouse. Now, the new Inca Series expands their use to the garden with varieties that are perfectly hardy to Zone 5, like Inca Ice. Bred for big blooms on shorter, more compact plants that are not invasive, but are well-behaved in the garden, Inca Ice is still a great cut flower, lasting up to 2 weeks in the vase. The 2 to 3 foot stems are just right for arranging, but strong enough to stay neat and upright in the garden. 
    Easy to Grow, and You’ll Have Plenty to Enjoy in the Garden and in Your Home!
    This vigorous plant will slowly spread to make a healthy clump 2-3 feet wide, but it will never take over the garden. After the first season, you’ll have plenty of blooms for a great show in the garden and vase. To pick the blooms, grasp the stem and pull gently so it detaches from the base of the plant. This triggers the plant to produce more stems, so you can enjoy even more of these gorgeous blooms! 
    Growing Tips:
    Plant 24-30 inches apart in a mostly sunny to lightly shaded spot. It is not picky as to soil type, but, as with most perennials, it will grow most lushly and bloom most generously if given a rich soil with plenty of organic matter; good drainage is a must. Also, the first season while  establishing its roots, it will benefit from regular water. Though they withstand drought once established, Peruvian Lilies like a bit of water during dry spells to support their prodigious bloom. 

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