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Kona Elephant Ear Combo Container Kit
* images shown are of mature plants

Kona Elephant Ear Combo Container Kit

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Easily Assemble Multiple Plants in one Container!

Drama, drama, drama -- but in a fabulous way! If you want a bold container garden with a riot of color, Kona Coffee Plant Combination Kit should be at the top of your list. Each plant in this collection is terrific on its own, but when you arrange them together…can you say “Wow?!” Our design experts have put together a variety of plants, some of which have colorful foliage and others that have dazzling flowers (we’ve even selected a pot for you, which will arrive at your door with your plants). You may not see some of these hard-to-find selections at your local nursery or garden center, but now this enchanting combination is available here -- and only a few clicks away from being delivered to your door!

Fabulous Plants
(1) Kona Coffee Dwarf Elephant Ear (Colocasia esculenta ‘Kona Coffee’ – Zones 7b-10). This plant relative of the giant elephant ear has been bred specifically as a dwarf selection, reaching a height of up to 2 feet, which makes it a wonderful container plant. Mature leaves with a rich shade of roasted-coffee-bean brown are intermingled with younger leaves that emerge in shades of dark green.

(2) Bordeaux Supertunia (Petunia x ‘Lanbor’ SUPERTUNIA® BORDEAUX™ – Zones 10-11). Like a conventional petunia on steroids, the Bordeaux Supertunia keeps blooming profusely without becoming leggy. The color of the flowers has to be seen to be believed -- plumy-pink with contrasting purplish throats and veins.

(2) Goldilocks Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia ‘Goldilocks’ – Zones 4-9). Lime-green leaves cover the trailing stems of this incredible plant, in stark contrast to its purplish Bordeaux Supertunia pot-mate.

(2) Diamond Frost Euphorbia (Euphorbia x ‘Inneuphdia’ DIAMOND FROST® – Zones 10-11). This unassuming plant becomes more beautiful as it grows, producing delicate white flowers that fill this container garden like a breath of fresh air.

Why Soilless Potting Mix is so Important
Restricted by the confines of a pot, garden soil tends to become densely packed in a container -- even if your garden soil is rich. When this happens, your plants suffer because their roots can’t grow easily and water doesn’t drain freely. The solution to this problem is using a professionally blended soilless potting mix in all your containers. Some ingredients you’ll see listed include compost, peat moss, compost, ground tree bark and vermiculite. And if you use a soilless mix that also contains a slow-release fertilizer, you can omit this extra task when caring for your container garden!

Unleash Your Creative Potential
Assembling your container garden is so easy that you can even include the kids or grandkids in this fun project. When finished, you’ll want to have a 2-inch space at the top of the pot to make watering easier…so keep this in mind as you’re potting your plants. You may find it easier to begin at the center by placing the tallest plant -- the Kona Coffee Dwarf Elephant Ear. From there, let your imagination run wild as you place the other plants. (Hint: If you arrange the Goldilocks Creeping Jenny around the outer rim of the pot, it will form a little skirt that trails over the edge!)

Show it Off!
You’ll definitely want to place this dramatic container garden in a prominent place where you can enjoy it every day. Think of a sunny patio or deck, poolside or at the entrance to your home. And although it will certainly command attention when placed on the ground, you can really show it off by placing it on a pedestal. Two of these containers placed on matching pedestals – one on each side of your home’s sunny entrance – really bumps up the design at your front door!

Maintenance is a Snap
Caring for potted plants couldn’t be easier. They have few needs, which include enough light, water and fertilizer. You won’t have to dig holes in a garden bed for planting, and weeding is not even required for this self-contained garden. Full sun is best, although these plants can take a little afternoon shade. Keep the container watered, which may mean two to three times each week during very hot weather. And you can skip the fertilizer if your soilless mix contains nutrients. If it doesn’t, you can apply slow-release granules or you can use a water-soluble fertilizer every other time you water your plants.

Vacation Self-Watering
If you don’t have a friend or neighbor who can water your container plants while you’re on vacation, you can make a simple self-watering system. Cut a wide strip from an old cotton shirt and place one end of it in a bucket of water, with the other end buried in your container’s soil. This will act as a temporary wick-watering system to keep the soil moist while you’re away. Set this up a few days before you leave to make sure it’s working, and then you won’t have to worry about coming home to wilted plants!

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