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Sago Palm Bonsai
Growing Zones: 7-11
What's my zone?
Mature Height: 2-3 feet
Mature Width: 12-18 inches
Sunlight: Full to Partial
This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

Sago Palm Bonsai

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The Ultimate Prehistoric Bonsai

Feeling intimidated by the typical bonsai growing regiment? Then the Sago Palm is the right plant for you!

This native of Southeast Asia is a must for any beginning bonsai grower…
● Simplest pruning of any bonsai
● No wiring required
● Adaptable to all types of lighting
● Perfect in both an indoor or outdoor setting
● Aged six years for ideal maturity
● Comes with an attractive humidity tray

The Sago Palm is actually not a palm at all, but a member of the cycad family that dates back over 200 million years ago. It’s even called a living fossil! Whorls of shiny green leaves sit atop a thick shaggy trunk that resembles a palm tree. The evergreen’s exotic look will make your guests think you went to the far reaches of the globe to obtain such an interesting plant!

What Maintenance?
The Sago Palm Bonsai has the distinction of hailing from the dinosaur era. Its indestructible nature and ability to survive over the last 200 million years means it can handle just about any growing environment. Hot, cold, full light, little light, and even neglect seem to have little effect on the Sago. Pruning is so easy that you may question if this is really a bonsai! Basically remove any dead leaves and that’s it. The plant grows slowly and retains its shape very naturally. You don’t even need to use wiring!

Fertilize your Sago with an organic liquid fertilizer 3-4 times a year. Any soil will do as long as it’s well-drained. Water when the plant is almost dry. The Sago even enjoys being slightly root-bound, which means you can allow some of the roots to sit atop the soil when repotting.

Beautifies Any Space
The Sago’s ability to handle almost any kind of light situation makes it the perfect indoor/outdoor bonsai. Give your low-lighted office a tropical feel, or spruce up a kitchen window. The plant also loves sunlight and can be a great addition to any outdoor landscape including a hot-colored flower garden. Your biggest issue with the Sago will be deciding where to put it!

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