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Summer Breeze Combo Container Kit
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    Summer Breeze Combo Container Kit

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    Easily Assemble Multiple Plants in one Container!

    You’ll enjoy a fruit-bowl explosion of color with this container garden kit! Not only do these plants simply deal with the heat of summer, they thrive in spite of it. If you like the hot design colors of gold, yellow and red, this is the plant combination for you. The tall tropical accent in the center of the pot offers a dramatic focal point to feature the vibrant flowers beneath it. For your next garden party – or for your own enjoyment – our plant designers have really outdone themselves with this one! You’ll receive all the plants…and even a beautiful pot to hold your stunning arrangement.

    Plants that Scoff at the Summer Heat
    (1) Calidora Elephant Ear (Alocasia x ‘Calidora’ – Zones 9-11). This is a different type of elephant ear plant. Calidora sports deeply corrugated leaves that are held upright, so they won’t hang down and cover the other plants.

    (2) Luscious Citrus Blend Lantana. (Lantana camara ‘2003.301’ LUSCIOUS® CITRUS BLEND™ – Zones 9-11.) Vibrant red, yellow and orange blooms in each flower cluster reflect the shades of a summer sunset.

    (2) Royale Red Verbena (Verbena x ‘AKIV5-4’ SUPERBENA® Royale Red – Zones 8-11). Vigorous growth fills in fast with masses of red flowers on this re-blooming plant.

    (2) Goldilocks Rocks (Bidens ferulifolia ‘BID 719’ Goldilocks Rocks® – Zones 9-11). The name says it all. The golden tresses of this exceptional plant certainly rock this container garden!

    Drought-Tolerant Plants and Soil
    This container garden features drought-tolerant plants, which is not to say you won’t have to water them, but that they can handle slightly drier soil than other plants. Another characteristic of drought-tolerant plants is that they simply must be planted in well-draining soil or they’ll suffer. Your garden soil is not the best choice for containers, because it will tend to become compacted over time. As the plant roots grow, the soil becomes denser, which hinders plant growth and holds too much water. A better choice is a professionally blended soilless potting mix that’s packaged for outside container plants. Look for one that has fertilizer already added, so you won’t have to make that additional purchase.

    How to Assemble Your Garden Kit
    When you add the potting mix, don’t use too much force to press it down; you want it to stay loose and crumbly. But you do want to press it down lightly and firm gently around each plant that you put in place. Leave a 2-inch space at the top of your planted container to make watering easier. Begin filling your container until you can position the tallest plant – the Calidora Elephant Ear – in the center. Mix and match the other plants as you arrange them around the center plant, and remember -- they’ll eventually fill in and form a profusion of flowers. So have fun with your arrangement, placing everything as it suits your preference! Finish by giving your plants a deep drink of water -- until it drains from the bottom.

    Feature it Prominently
    As your plants grow, they’ll make a bold impact statement in your yard or garden as they become fuller and more colorful. Choose a sunny spot where they can really show off, such as at the entrance to your home or on your deck or patio. Add even more height by placing your container garden on a table or pedestal. And don’t be shy about using several containers in a grouping -- this will multiply their appeal even more dramatically!

    How to Keep Everything Looking Beautiful
    Sun, water and fertilizer are the three essentials for ongoing maintenance of your new container garden. If fertilizer was a component of your soilless mix, you’re down to only two key care requirements -- making sure the plants get plenty of sun, and keeping the plants watered. But don’t let the soil become waterlogged, because these plants are drought-tolerant and they don’t grow well in wet soil. In the heat of summer, you’ll want to water a bit more. Get into the habit of simply lifting the pot -- you’ll get a feel for the weight of it and be able to know when it needs more water.

    What about Vacation Care?
    Keep in mind that “drought-tolerant” doesn’t mean “drought-loving.” Your plants need watering, and if you’re away for more than several days, ask a friend or neighbor to water them while you’re away. You can also try this trick of the trade: move your container gardens in the shade while you’re gone and set them in a pan or bucket to which you’ve added water. This is only a temporary fix; when you return home, be sure to take the container out of the water and let the soil dry until it’s time to water again!

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