Ketchup & Mustard Standard Rose Tree Rosa ‘WEKzazette’ Ketchup and Mustard™

Ketchup & Mustard Standard Rose Tree

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Ketchup & Mustard Standard Rose Tree Rosa ‘WEKzazette’ Ketchup and Mustard™

Product Description

Bi-color Rose Tree with One-of-a-Kind Red and Yellow Flowers

With a name rooted in whimsy, it also perfectly describes the look of this plant's unique flowers '– Ketchup and Mustard Standard Rose! If you don't have this rose in your collection, you simply can't pass it by without ordering it. We're willing to go out on a limb and say that you've never seen this intriguing color combination on any flower. The petals are ketchup-red on the top sides and mustard-yellow on the undersides. So as each flower swirls open, you'll see both "condiment colors" at once!

This Unparalleled Color is a Result of Breeding
What do you get when you cross a red rose with a yellow rose? In the case of this cultivar, a two-toned flower that features both colors! Ketchup and Mustard is a fairly new rose cultivar, so you may not have seen it yet. It was hybridized in 2012 from a red rose ('City of San Francisco') and a yellow rose ('Shockwave'). And with a plant parent named 'Shockwave,' would you expect anything less dramatic from its offspring?

This Eclectic Rose Tree is a Sure Showstopper
These roses have been expertly grafted to resemble flowering trees, with a central stem acting as a trunk and a canopy filled to the brim with lush foliage and abundant flowers. You won't see this combination on your average rose bush! But we couldn't think of a better way to showcase these dramatic blooms. Don't worry about having to learn advanced pruning techniques to keep your Ketchup and Mustard Standard Rose in this shape. You'll only need to make a few cuts here and there without intensively shaping it.

A Light and Refreshing Fragrance
The patent paperwork for this exclusive plant describes its scent '– having an "apple-like fragrance." So that adds another dimension to this culinary plant treat '– ketchup and mustard that smells like apples! But really, any scent at all on modern roses is a cherished trait. After decades of rose breeding, the sweet sentimental fragrance of many roses has been largely bred out of existence. There are a multitude of benefits from this rare rose '– its tree form, its impressive flowers, and its light scent '– enjoy!

Fantastic Floribundas
Ketchup and Mustard Standard Rose is included in the group of roses called floribundas. Having "abundant flowers," this plant produces clusters of multiple blooms on each stem, instead of a single flower per stem. This is what makes it one of the showiest roses you can grow.

This is the Ultimate Cut Flower for Your Arrangements
We guarantee that everyone who visits your home will need convincing that Ketchup and Mustard Roses are real! You may even have to walk them outside and show them the flowers growing on your plant to convince them. And as soon as they see your plant, go ahead and point them toward us because we know they'll want one, too! Flowers will last longer in a water-filled vase if you remove the lower leaves to keep them from rotting in the water, and if you change the water daily. You may want to plan a luncheon or dinner party just so you can show off these flowers!
Cutting tip: Cut these stems just as the buds begin to open '– not when they're tightly closed '– so that you can enjoy watching the two colors unfurl. If you cut them at this stage of opening, they typically last in a vase for four or five days.

Resistant to Disease
Some hybrid roses have been bred solely to produce large and beautiful flowers, but they are vulnerable to disease. Not Ketchup and Mustard Standard Rose '– it's rated as having good disease resistance compared to other roses. This is good news if you don't want to start an intensive spraying regimen using synthetic chemicals in early spring and continue through fall, which is what many roses require. Healthy plants are better able to fend off diseases, so remember to keep your plants watered, fertilized, and weed-free.

Add More Elegance with a Decorative Container
Your Ketchup and Mustard Standard Rose may be even more spectacular if you grow it in a pot. Container plants are so easy to maintain, and they're often more versatile to use in your landscape design than in-ground plants. You don't have to dig a hole or remove weeds from around your plant if you grow it in a container. And if you already have plants growing around your sunny patio, you can grow Ketchup and Mustard Standard Rose directly on your patio by planting it in a large pot. Choose a container that's at least 16 inches in diameter, with a drainage hole, which is made from a heavy material, such as ceramic or terracotta. You don't want a strong gust of wind to knock your plant to the ground or even break its slender stem, which could easily happen it you use a lightweight plastic pot.

Look No Further for a Unique Plant Gift
If you've never heard of Ketchup and Mustard Standard Rose before now, it's likely that your family and friends haven't heard of it, either. What a terrific gift for a gardening friend! This is an easy rose for even beginning gardeners, so you don't have to be a rose expert to grow this plant ?… and neither do the folks on your gift list.

Protect it by Staking It
Help your Ketchup and Mustard Standard Rose tree to stay intact by keeping it staked. This adds a measure of protection by supporting its stem so high winds don't break it. Gently and loosely, loop soft ties around the stem and secure the ties in several places along the stem's length to a stake that's as tall as the stem itself. You can even use short pieces of flexible nylon stockings as ties.

Very Little Pruning Required!
We've already grafted and pruned your Ketchup and Mustard Standard Rose, so all you have to do is plant it and keep it watered for its first year after transplanting into your garden (or into a new pot)! In subsequent years, the only pruning you'll have to do is in February or early March. Prune away any stems that may be broken or dead; remove any stems that cross each other; cut any stems that have sprouted from the soil all the way to the ground; and cut the top growth to 12 inches (this is optional). That's it!

Top Rose Care Tips for Beginners
• Grow your Ketchup and Mustard Standard Rose in full sun '– at least 6 to 8 hours each day.

• Water thoroughly in the absence of rainfall; typically 1 inch of water each week. If you grow your plant in a container, you'll have to water it more often than this; sometimes every 2 to 3 days during the hottest months of summer.

• Spread a 3- to 4-inch layer of mulch around your plant to help conserve moisture and keep weeds at bay.

• Fertilize once monthly from March through September with 3 tablespoons of 12-4-8 or 16-4-8 (or an organic equivalent) around each plant.

A Soil Test is Best
Your local Cooperative Extension Service can eliminate the guesswork of your soil's specific fertility needs. Take a 2 cup sample of soil to their office from the spot where you'll be planting your Ketchup and Mustard Standard Rose. A technician will test the soil and let you know exactly what type of fertilizer is needed, and in the proper amount.

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Product Details

Growing Zones: 5-9 outdoors

            5-9 outdoors
     Map 5-9 outdoors (hardy down to -10℉)
  • Mature Height: 5 ft.
  • Mature Width: 3 ft.
  • Sunlight: Full Sun
  • Spacing: 5 ft.
  • Growth Rate: up to 2 ft.
  • Does Not Ship To: AZ

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