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Abelia Shrubs


Abelia Shrubs have an amazing fragrance!

These abelias have a sweet scent... especially the Little Richard Abelia. It attracts all sorts of curious wildlife. Their lilac-like fragrance will encourage visits from butterflies, hummingbirds and other wildlife. Have your camera ready!

Abelia Shrubs make a fabulous border!

Whether you're interested in a hardy shrub to border your home, your driveway or to cleverly mix with other shrubs throughout your landscape, Abelias make a great choice. Try the Edward Goucher Abelia for a colorful blooming hedge. They start producing fragrant flowers at a very young age.

Caring for your Abelia Shrub is easy!

Plant your Abelia in well draining, fertile soil in a sunny spot or an area with partial shade for the best results. Then, just stand back and enjoy!

No Pruning Required

The Abelia does not require regular pruning if you prefer a more natural looking plant. However, if you desire a more uniform shape, or wish to encourage new growth, minimal pruning is suggested. This can be done in early spring, prior to blooming or in the late fall after the bloom period has ended.

Abelia shrubs make a fabulous choice for nearly any landscape!

First discovered in China, these glossy evergreen shrubs are known for their eye-pleasing foliage, amazingly long bloom period and their opposite leaf arrangement. A relative to the honey suckle, their tubular blooms appear against shiny green foliage to provide you with a show that will last from early May until the first frost.

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