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Brighter Blooms Nursery - Bigger Plants, Delivered to Your Door

Get large, well-developed trees and shrubs- delivered to your door from our nursery. We specialize in low-maintenance plants that give you long lasting blooms, immediate color and instant privacy.

Our Plants vs. Theirs

Many other nurseries cut corners and sacrifice the quality of your plants to save themselves money. They use chemicals to restrict growth, so they can save money on shipping. They also may claim to carry large trees, but will chop off all your branches to be able to fit it in a smaller box.

Brighter Blooms doesn't do that to your plants. We ship so many plants throughout the year, we get a discounted rate from FedEx... so we don't need to cut corners to save money.

That's why you get plants that are 1-2 years older than the tiny liners that other companies try to sell. Each of our plants has been grown in a special blend of effective fertilizers, so you can expect a strong, healthy plant to arrive at your doorstep.

Most orders are shipped out the next day! We only carry large, branched trees and shrubs- not tiny liners or whips. This means you get more blooms- quicker! Most plants in our nursery have already bloomed for several seasons, so when you plant them, they're ready to explode with color!

Every order is expertly packed in our 5,000 square foot warehouse, located at our 42 acre nursery. Most of the big box stores don't even see the plants they're shipping you- they use the cheapest dropshippers they can find.

Take comfort knowing that your order has gone through three layers of quality control before it even ships. First, our field manager personally inspects all the plants in our nursery, keeping them healthy and feeding them the right blends of fertilizer. Next, when you place your order, the healthiest plants are selected to be prepped for shipping. Finally, your plants go through one final inspection before they are packed and loaded onto a FedEx truck. We often give them one final pruning for symmetry, faster growth and max blooms.


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