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What a treat it is to be able to grow such pleasing plants such as Berry Bushes that also churn out healthy and delicious snack foods. With so many mouth-watering selections, choosing a few from our extensive collection will be your biggest chore.

Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries and more-- We've got a Berry Bush for everyone's taste. Sun-ripened, plump and yummy, you can expect to harvest bushels of fruit from our bushes.

These ornamental plants can be container grown and are so enchanting you'll want to decorate with them around your deck or patio, keeping them close by for a quick snack anytime.

Mix and match our Berry Bushes to create a magnificent bed of assorted ornamentals, or a charming border along a foundation, fence or walkway.

Depending upon which Berry Bush you choose, you can look forward to sweet ripe berries for 6 months or more. Our Everbearing Strawberry Bush provides multiple crops, up the three in the year, beginning in late spring.

Fat and succulent, our Heritage Raspberries, Thornless Blackberries and Toro Blueberries are typically ready for harvest anytime around June through October. Just think of the jaw-dropping desserts, preserves, jellies and jams you can create with these delectable berries.

Bright and luscious, the Golden Raspberry thrives in nearly every region in the U.S. All our Berry Bushes are adaptable to various growing conditions. They're easy to raise, hardy and low maintenance. Some are even self-pollinating, though for increased berry production it's best to plant in groups.

Naturally pest and disease resistant, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing you're family's eating healthy berries that haven't been sprayed with harsh chemicals or pesticides. And with the price of fuel and fresh produce in the supermarkets, just think of the savings you'll enjoy by merely walking out into the yard to pick your fresh fruit.

Try your hand at raising some easy to grow berries today.

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