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The Beautiful Blooms of the Camellia Shrub Will Take Your Breath Away!

The Camellia's glossy green foliage and vibrant petals make an excellent addition to any gardens. In fact, the beauty and growth habit of this lovely shrub led to its selection as Alabama's state flower! With true ornamental appeal and an interesting history, this plant is sure to become a fast favorite in your landscape!

Camellias are lucky!

Whether you choose the vibrant red blooms of the Kramers Supreme Camellia or the pure white petals of the Snow Flurry Camellia, the plant itself is thought to bring luck. In fact, the Chinese consider the Camellia a lucky symbol of spring, as well as for Chinese New Year.

A brief history of the Camellia Shrub

The Camellia Shrub is native to the forests of China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. In 1692, it was brought west and, in the 18th century, it was introduced to Europe. Many of the first Camellias brought to Europe still exist today in Portugal, Germany and Italy.

It wasn't until 1807 that the Camellia shrub was introduced to the U.S. The plant was initially termed a greenhouse plant, but soon began being distributed in the south for outdoor growth.

Regardless of luck or superstition, the Camellia Shrub is easy to grow and provides breathtaking flowers that will last for several months. The plant's blooms will make even the novice gardener feel like a pro!

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