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Citrus Trees

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A multitude of health benefits and lip smacking flavor are brought together in a picturesque package. We offer a number of varieties of citrus fruit, so there's something for everyone no matter where you live.

Just picture yourself sitting on your patio, surrounded by containers of fragrant Meyer Lemon and Moro Blood Orange trees, where your biggest decision will be whether to have some fresh squeezed orange juice or a frosty glass of delicious lemonade. Nules Clementine or our Nagami Kumquat Tree will bring gorgeous color to the landscape, and our Key Lime Tree is always a hit in the garden.

Most of our citrus trees are dwarf varieties, and can either be planted in the ground or container grown, so they're perfectly suited to a garden of any size, anywhere in the country. The key to keeping yor tropical citrus trees happy and healthy in colder climates is the freedom of portability. Grow your trees in containers and bring them indoors when the temperatures drop.

Another benefit to growing smaller trees is a trouble-free harvest--no more tall ladders to climb. But don't be fooled by these citrus trees' diminutive size, as these beauties can produce as much fruit as other citrus trees twice their size.

Citrus trees make gorgeous accent trees and ornamental décor on a deck or patio. Fragrant blossoms in spring and perfectly ripened fruit in the fall lightly perfume the air, so you'll want to keep these trees around any area, indoors or out, where people congregate.

Our citrus tree varieties are naturally pest and disease resistant, so you won't need to use any harmful chemical sprays or pesticides.


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