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Sugg. Price: $59.95
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Sugg. Price: $59.95
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Sugg. Price: $59.95
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Encore Azaleas - the Perfect Addition to Any Garden or Landscape!

Encore Azaleas bloom thick with long lasting colors to choose from. Plus they are hardy and easy to grow. Use them where ever you need a hedge, ground cover or just want to add some color.

Azaleas blend perfectly in modern or traditional gardening atmospheres. You get large, healthy azaleas to your doorstep.

In addition to the Encore line we also carry the Conversation Piece Azalea and the Coral Bells Azalea.

Encore Azaleas Brighten Up Any Landscape!

For several hundred years, the Azalea has been bred by plant enthusiasts all over the world. In fact, the Azalea is known as "the royalty of the garden". Countless festivals, roads, parks, trails and even groups have been named after this breathtaking plant. It has been immortalized in countless books and poems.

With the delicate look of fine antiques, the Azalea's flowers don't take long to win your heart.

Azaleas are generally smaller than rhododendrons, having just one blossom on each stem versus several clusters of blossoms. However, each blossom appears to be so delicate, almost as if it were hand crafted by an expert artist. The colors vary widely by cultivar, but range from the palest white to the deepest red and beyond to shades of blue and purple. No matter what colors you've integrated into your landscape, you are sure to find an Azalea that will mix perfectly to enhance it even more.

Azaleas Require Little Care

Our Azalea shrubs are given special attention to ensure that they are strong plants that are ready to provide you with years of enjoyment. Most of our Azalea plants require very little care. The majority of the varieties available grow well in zones 7-9; however, some varieties grow amazingly well in lower temperature zones as well.

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