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Growing Zones: 4-8
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Height: 5-7 ft.
Width: 5-7 ft.
Sunlight: Full Sun
Blooms: Spring
Spacing: 10-15 ft.
Botanical: Syringa meyeri 'Palibin'
Plant Directions: Sent with Order
This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

Korean Lilac Tree

  • 4-5 ft.
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Vibrant Lilac Blooms on a Dwarf Tree!

The Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree is stunning:

• Unusual specimen
• Highly fragrant
• Spectacular blooms

Twist on an Old Favorite

While the common lilac is a welcome signal of long-awaited spring, the Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree turns heads and stops traffic. Who expects to see a lilac in tree form? And its unusual presentation does not disappoint lilac fans. In the spring, its burgundy leaves emerge and turn dark green. Then, before you can blink your eyes, the foliage is smothered in fragrant lavender flowers.

Plant It in the Sun

The Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree is not fussy as long as itís planted in full sunlight. It's adaptable to most soils, and itís suitable for the garden or the container. This stunning specimen makes a dramatic focal point on the patio while in bloom. You can move the container after it blooms to make room for a summer-blooming specimen or leave it in place to enjoy its beautiful shape and foliage. Once the blossoms die, lightly prune the tree to maintain its shape.

Brighter Blooms Delivers only the Best

Youíll receive a mature, top-quality Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree. Itís ready to plant as soon as the package arrives. Just follow the enclosed planting instructions. An unusual, colorful and fragrant specimen, we can guarantee the Dwarf Korean Purple Lilac Tree will sell out in no time, so order today to ensure delivery.


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