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TreeGator Jr.- Slow Release Water Bag
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    TreeGator Jr.- Slow Release Water Bag

    TreeGator Jr.- Slow Release Water Bag
    • 15 gal.
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    The Easiest Way to Prevent Transplant Shock

    The TreeGator Jr. is the easiest way to plant your trees and shrubs. Just set it and forget it!

    You've invested money, time and effort into your new trees and shrubs. The TreeGator Jr. ensures that your plants get the ideal amount of water with its innovative drip irrigation system.

    All you do is place your Tree Gator Jr. around the base of your plant. Then, fill it up with water. The bag slowly releases the water, hydrating your plant, over the course of several days.

    We recommend the Tree Gator Jr. because it takes a lot of effort out of growing plants. You deliver the ideal amount of water to your plants with minimal effort!

    The TreeGator Jr. is a 15 gallon bag that has been specially designed for both trees and shrubs. It's low profile (only 6 inches tall when filled with water) makes it an attractive way to keep your plants hydrated, happy and healthy!

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