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Variegated Pittosporum  

Variegated Pittosporum

Pittosporum tobira 'Variegata'

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Cannot Ship to AZ

Planting Details
Growing Zones: 7-11
What's my zone?
Height: 3-4 ft.
Width: 3-4 ft.
Sunlight: Full - Partial
Blooms: Spring - Summer
Spacing: 4-6 ft.
Botanical: Pittosporum tobira 'Variegata'
Cannot Ship to: AZ
Plant Directions: Sent with Order
Hardy Variegated Shrub is Perfect for Hedges

  • Easy to grow
  • Loves hot, dry weather
  • Adapts to many climates and conditions
  • Grows in sun or shade
  • Tolerates salt spray
The Variegated Pittosporum bears the same sweetly citrus scented blooms in late spring as its non-variegated cousin. The white cream colored flowers are rather lost against the soft colored leaves. Trust me, you wonít miss the ornament at all because the foliage is so beautiful. The sweet orange blossom aroma will still perfume your yard and last for weeks. The fruit is a pear shaped pod that creates a centerpiece to the top whirl of leaves on the stems.

Homeowners will fall in love with this beautiful bush.
Variegated Pittsoporum shrub grows fast and does need to be trimmed often when young. As the plant approaches mature size, that rapid new growth will slow down dramatically. You can plant this shrub in full sun. For shady areas, the light colored leaves add much interest and a spot of brightness. Homeowners who live near the ocean will have no foliage problems due to salt spray.

This rugged bush is not picky about the soil it is planted in.
Variegated Pittsoporum is an excellent landscape shrub for high heat summers and drought tolerance. It does require excellent drainage. In heavy clay, you will want to plant the Pittsoporum in a raised bed. Improper drainage causes the plant to develop root rot.

Variegated Pittsoporum has many benefits for your landscaping.
With itís natural dense branching structure this evergreen bush is great for sheared hedges. It makes an excellent specimen plant and a beautiful tree form when trimmed correctly. You can also keep the new growth lightly clipped for a softly domed shape until it approaches maturity. This will be a great privacy hedge shrub because it is fast growing. With the beautiful leaves and height, Variegated Pittsoporum makes a great framing plant at the corners of dark brick homes.

For best results, you will want to start out with a well-developed root system.
The Variegated Pittsoporum sold at Brighter Blooms are kept in the nursery far longer than most other nurseries. This increases our growing costs, but insures that you will receive a plant that is ready to plant and enjoy. We aim to reward all of our customers with the success of growing beautiful plants at home. Due to the extreme popularity of Variegated Pittsoporum, you will want to reserve your plants before these nicely rooted beauties are sold out.

Customer Reviews
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This is the most reliable and wonderful background bush. I have grown it in northern Califorina and in Phoenix, Arizona. Beautiful to look at and it fills in the background nicely, too. When in bloom, it scents the air all around with orange blossom scent, sort of like jasmine, also. I have 4 bushes growing in gets sun and part shade and was the first to bloom. I have 3 more newer plants in a shade-only area aproaching my front door and am looking forward to seeing if they will bloom with reflected light. Even if they don't blossom, they are such nice looking bushes, they are still garden worthy!

I try to incorporate these into most of my designs. They look great behind knockout roses and mixed with purple diamond loropetalums. They add a tropical feel to any landscape.
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