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Growing Zones: 5-9
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Height: 6-8 ft.
Width: 2-3 ft.
Sunlight: Full or Partial Shade
Blooms: Spring and Summer
Spacing: 2-3 ft.
Botanical: Hibiscus syriacus
Cannot Ship to: AZ
Plant Directions: Sent with Order
This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

White Rose of Sharon Tree

  • 4-5 ft.
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Unique White Blooms on a Dwarf Tree

The White Rose of Sharon tree packs a flowery punch in a small package! And itís low-maintenance, too!

This unique tree can grow all the way north into Growing Zone 5 and is resistant to deer and other animal damage. You'll even see blooms in drought conditions!

Like all Rose of Sharon shrubs , this tree offers superb summer-flowering features for any garden. Itís in the hibiscus family, where plants are noted for their abundant and exotic blooms, and will give a dramatic look to any garden space.

The snowy white blooms are produced on new wood, so the trees can be pruned in late winter to keep them contained in the desired space or shape. A mature tree will only reach about 6-8 feet tall, making it perfect for small suburban gardens.

One White Rose of Sharon tree will make a great focal point in a mixed perennial bed, or you can group a number of them together as a feature in your garden. The white blooms contrast well with other summer-blooming perennials, or against the darker leaves of nearby conifers or trees.

This tree is very adaptable as far as soil preference, and will be happy in full sun to partial shade.


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