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Growing Zones: 5-9
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Height: 8-10 ft.
Width: 8-10 ft.
Sunlight: Full - Partial
Blooms: N/A
Spacing: 3-5 ft.
Botanical: Salix integra 'Hakura Nishiki'
Cannot Ship to: AZ
Plant Directions: Sent with Order
This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

Tri Color Willow

  • 3 Gallon
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A Bold Splash of Color with Zero Maintenance

The Tri-Color Willow delivers the impact of a flowering shrub with no "green thumb" required. At the start of the season, new foliage will emerge in eye-catching shades of pink, white, and soft green. As the foliage matures, it takes on tones of variegated greens and whites. What a show!

The Tri-Color will thrive in growing zones 5-9 when planted in partial to full sun, and in nearly any soil type. In fact, this is a shrub that will flourish even where others have failed: in wet soil. Plant one or more in a poorly drained area and watch the problem disappear!

This willow also has dense branching, which makes it an ideal selection for a hedge or privacy screen. It grows in a weeping nature, but can be pruned for a more uniform shape.

The Tri-Color Willow has, according to gardening experts, no significant negative characteristics. It's the ultimate in visual impact for the least amount of work for you!


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