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Dogwood Trees

Dogwood Trees

To get the most out of your new Dogwood Trees, here are some planting tips. If you follow our professional secret tricks, your new Dogwood Tree will adapt more quickly and grow lush far faster. You can pick a spot for dogwood trees in full sun to part shade. Dogwood trees in the full sun will require consistent water to be lovely in the heat of summer. They also bloom more proficiently in higher amounts of sunlight.

Dogwood TreesProfessional planters always prep the planting location correctly. Dig the hole two times bigger and deeper than the root ball. Shred your ground soil well with the shovel. You want loose soil for fast root development. You can keep the soil loose the first year by mixing in compost or humus too. Soak your new Pink Dogwood Tree's root ball in a bucket of water for 4-5 minutes. Covering a dry root ball with soil isn’t a good idea. Lack of moisture induces transplant shock. Another trick to override shock with new landscape trees is to give them a booster shot of instant plant food when you’ve finished the installation. Mulch the soil and water the tree in well with MiracleGro. Repeat the feeding monthly or apply slow release fertilizer a couple weeks after planting.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your White Dogwood Tree will adapt to your yard. Regular watering will increase the thickening roots it must spread out into your soil to go through a drought easily. By spending a little extra time getting your new flowering trees through the first year makes a huge difference in the impact on your landscape. You will be rewarded with an incredible flower show in the spring. Your dogwood will quickly grow and fill if you practice tree growing like a pro. 

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