Double Pink Knock Out Rose

Double Pink Knock Out Rose

  Pink Double Knock Out Roses are perfect for new gardeners. These roses are virtually carefree, drought tolerant, black spot and mildew resistant and self-cleaning. The Double Pink Knock Out Rose is a tough and hardy shrub type rose with exceptional disease resistance which makes it a first-rate choice for a trouble free rose garden.

These roses are great for hedge, border or foundation plantings and with proper selection and placement, can consistently deliver more vibrant color and overall garden satisfaction than any other variety of roses. When mature, the Pink Double Knock Out Rose is approximately 4 foot tall and wide. It grows well in a sunny area that has afternoon shade.

Moist, humus-rich soil that is well-drained will keep this bush blooming profusely throughout the growing season into late fall. For the new gardener, or those who can't devote a lot of time in caring for more traditional roses, the Double Pink Knock Out Rose delivers long-season blooms that give anyone a good reason to love roses. 

How to Plant the Double Pink Knock Out Rose: Dig the hole wide enough to allow about 12 inches of clearance all the way around the plants container. Dig the hole deep enough to allow the plant to rest in the hole with it's soil mark slightly higher than ground level. Remove your plant from its container and place it in the hole. Fill in the hole with soil and moisten each layer of soil with water.

Press the dirt down firmly with your hands - this will help to alleviate any air pockets in the soil. Apply a thin layer of mulch (2 to 4 inches is ideal) all around the base of the plant. This will keep weeds down and help to retain moisture in the plant.  


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