Flowering Trees

Flowering Trees

If you are looking to plant Flowering Trees, some of the best choices would be Crape Myrtles, Royal Empress Paulownias, Dogwoods or Tulip Poplars.

Flowering Trees, like all living things, need year-round care. Soil quality, ample water supply and optimal temperature conditions will determine the health of your flowering trees. One thing to consider when planting your trees is to plant in a bed so less injury can be caused to the trunk by lawn mowers or weed eaters.

Less weeding will have to be done if you apply a couple of inches of mulch to the bed and the mulch will also help to retain moisture for your trees.

How to Plant a Flowering Tree: Carefully consider planting depth before digging the planting hole for your new trees. You should make the hole twice as wide, but no deeper than the root ball. Make sure the hole is large enough for the roots to expand. Place the tree in the hole and water the root ball before you begin to backfill the hole with top soil. Refill the hole making sure the root ball is level or just below the surface.

After you plant the tree, use a root-promoting fertilizer to help root expansion.  Sprinkle some on the topsoil and water lightly. Add 2 to 3 inches of mulch around the trees and water regularly, approximately 1-inch of water per week Stake the trees for at least one growing season to insure stability.

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