Hydrangea Shrubs

Hydrangea Shrubs

Variegated Hydrangeas love humus-rich soil. You’ll get faster growth and more abundant blooms if you mix compost or humus in with your ground soil when you plant new Oakleaf Hydrangea Bushes. Be sure to dig twice as big as the root ball on your new Pia Hydrangea as well. Well-loosened soil will let it easily spread new roots into the surrounding soil. More roots equal faster growth and tons of blooms in the summer.

Limelight Hydrangeas tolerate full sun because they are different shrubs. The panicle-type hydrangeas, like the Limelight Hydrangea, are woodier and withstand the heat of the sun much better. All other types of hydrangeas are best planted with morning sun only. Lack of moisture is the number one cause of loosing newly installed bushes. Always completely saturate the root ball before you cover it with soil.

Annabelle Hydrangeas will become a blooming machine planted with a boost. Loose soil helps roots spread fast. You’ll get incredible new growth and heavier blooming by applying MiracleGro when you plant your Hydrangea Shrubs. Repeat that once a month until early fall and you’ll be amazed. Flowering shrubs like Endless Summer Hydrangea and Blushing Bride Hydrangea will be twice as fabulous with regular fertilization.

Get incredible blue hydrangeas from alkaline soil with rotting leaves. Nikko Blue Hydrangea and Bluebird Hydrangea need acid to give you gorgeous blue blooms. It has been found that thickly mulching for winter with fallen leaves raises the acid level in the soil. If your soil is lacking in the acid, everything you do to increase it is one step closer to blue. Other tricks to making your hydrangea flowers blue:

  • Work aluminum sulfate into the soil
  • Apply acid fertilizer regularly or as a slow release
Hydrangeas prefer consistent moisture but will tolerate drought once established. In partial shade, your drought tolerant hydrangeas will survive dry periods. Your new hydrangea bush will flower more and give you bigger blooms with consistent watering and a good plant feeding program.

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