Lilac Shrubs

Lilac Shrubs

Planting Tips for Lilac Shrubs: Lilacs don’t need a lot of special care once you get them established. They deal with drought very easily because they are shallow rooted. first you must get them to spread out new root growth into your soil.

Lilac ShrubsFor the most abundant blooming, pick a spot in the full sun. White Lilacs aren’t finicky about soil. They deal with clay and even sand very well. It is best to correctly prepare the planting hole for faster growth and vigorous new roots. Dig it twice as wide and deep as the root ball. Be sure to shred the ground soil well with your shovel.

Loose soil makes your Lilacs spread roots faster. Mixing in a little compost will keep soil loose the first whole year.

Saturate the roots of your Common Purple Lilacs completely before covering. This will prevent them from going into heat shock after planting. You will want to keep the lilacs watered regularly so they grow really fast and get ready to be drought tolerant soon.

Miss Kim Lilacs will be really happy with a boost at planting time. Every Lilac Shrub that gets an application of MiracleGro during planting will sail through adapting to a new environment easily. Repeat the feed application once a month until fall. Your reward for the few extra moments of your time will be an incredible show of fragrant flowers the first spring.

You’ll get Lilac flowers every year if you don’t trim the shrubs at the wrong time. Trimming of Lilac Shrubs is done while they are in full bloom. As the huge blooms begin to fade, the next year’s flower buds are already forming in the branches. Untimely pruning won’t harm your shrubs, but you will miss out on the Lilac flowers next spring.

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