Palm Trees

Palm Trees

Growing Cold Hardy Palm Trees is easy. Check out how to make it even simpler. Choosing the right planting location is the first step to succeeding at growing exotic palms in your yard. Windmill Palm Trees grow well in full sun to part shade but in the north all day sun is best. Needle Palm trees like part shade in the south and full sun in the north. So choose the best spot for the region you live in. 

Proper planting prep will make your new Palm Tree adapt faster to your soil. You want loose soil so the tree won’t have to struggle to spread new roots into the native soil. Dig the hole twice as deep and wide as the root ball. Shred the soil well with your shovel and mix in a little compost to keep it loose the first year.

Water the new Palm Trees' roots well before covering with soil. Build a soil ring barrier to hold water for the roots and mulch with 3-inches of organic mulch.

Water every day for the first two weeks and taper off slowly over several months. Frequent watering is crucial for newly planted palms. It is important to not let the soil dry out, as your new palm gets adapted. A ring of soaker hose or a dripping hose will help you here.

Give your new Palm trees a dose of instant plant food when you have finished the installation. A shot of MircleGro will do wonders. Repeat the MiracleGro application monthly until early fall or apply slow release granular fertilizer a couple weeks after planting. Using 8-8-8 will be the best slow release feeding choice.

This little bit of effort from you will be rewarded. Your new Needle Palm Trees or Windmill Palm Tree will be beautiful and hardy for years to come.

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