Rhododendron Shrubs

Rhododendron Shrubs

Here are some great expert tips on growing Rhododendrons: Pick a planting spot with only morning sun to start with. You don’t want the lovely foliage on your new Lavender Rhododendron getting sunburned. If you live in the north, you can protect your Rhododendron Shrubs from foliage burn by sheltering it from frigid winter wind. To really enjoy fast growing evergreen shrubs, you want to dig a hole twice the size of the root ball.

Landscape bushes like Yellow Rhododendron can adapt too many soils faster. You just need to give them a boost with fertilizer like Holly-Tone when planting. Do shred up your soil well with the shovel as you install the evergreen bush. Mixing in some compost or humus will let the rhododendron grow new roots out with lightning speed. Faster rooting into your ground soil gives you a larger shrub more quickly. You also get the bonus of more abundant and even bigger blooms in the springtime.

White Rhododendron will really shine when you plant it in the shade. You won’t have to shear to keep your Red Rhododendron looking good. Keeps the shape uniform with a little clipping here and there. The natural good growth habit will do the rest of the work for you. Be sure to choose a planting place where your bush can grow to the natural size. Always check the mature size to know it will always fit the place you want the flowing evergreen.

To enjoy beautiful rhododendrons blooming out the window, pick a dwarf. The Mary Flemming Rhododendron is perfect for planting under a window and never blocking your view. Planning ahead keeps your landscaping low maintenance. Once your new rhododendrons have rooted well into your soil, they will be very drought tolerant. It is best to water lightly and regularly the first season so they can take on the elements.

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