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Now that it's Valentine's Day, what better way to celebrate the occasion than with our favorite indoor fruits? Ok, so they might not be typically what you think of in February, especially since it's still pretty chilly outdoors.

But whether you choose our Cold Hardy Avocado, Meyer Lemon or another variety, you'll be excited to discover that our Fruit Trees thrive indoors year-round. Here are our favorites for this season and beyond!

1. Cold Hardy Avocado Tree

Imagine the taste of delicious avocado toast, homemade guacamole or salad of your own, right from home. Basically, there's nothing like this fresh, great-tasting fruit!

Avocado Tree

And we're featuring our new pollinator packs, so you get two Avocado Trees in one, including the Cold Hardy and the famous Hass. 

The two together make even more fruit, meaning bigger harvests for you. Plus, they're just as easy to maintain as one tree. Is there anything better?




2. Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer Lemons

Have you tried the ever-popular Meyer Lemon? If not, you're missing out because it's one of the sweetest varieties available. And the best part is that this indoor Fruit Tree isn't hard to grow or maintain.

Simply follow a few straight-forward tips, and you'll be well on your way to season-after-season harvests of this amazing little fruit. 


3. Bonanza Patio Peach Tree

You don't have to move to the country to eat a lot of peaches - simply try our Bonanza Patio Peach Tree!

Bonanza Peach

Because our Bonanza is even a bit smaller than other dwarf peach trees, it's ideal for patio growth.

And though they're self-fertile, if you plant a cluster of these Fruit Trees together, you'll get even more peaches year after year.

There's nothing quite like biting into a crisp, juicy peach that was grown in your own backyard or garden!




4. McIntosh Apple Tree

This dwarf variety is a smaller, more manageable spin on your typical apple tree. And it's even better because it means you don't need an orchard-style space to get orchard-style harvests.

McIntosh Apples

McIntosh is also known for being one of the most popular apples at the supermarket, so if you've got your own at home, it makes those tedious grocery trips unnecessary.

Our McIntosh Apple: Making life a bit simpler in the best, most delicious way.