Knock Out Roses

Knock Out Roses

Planting Tips


Choose a planting location in full sun for your new Knock Out Rose. You will be rewarded with more abundant blooming the more hours of sunlight your new rose bush gets. Also decide if you need to amend heavy clay for improved drainage or improve moisture retention in soil that has a good deal of sand to it. You may decide to plant your Knock Out Roses in a raised bed to make the job easier.

Your newly arrived Double Pink Knock Out Rose could use a booster.
 Once you’ve had a stiff drink, there’s nothing like a restorative meal after a rough journey. You can help your new landscape plant recuperate and adjust to your location with a nice application of Miracle Grow or granular slow release fertilizer. In fact, that new Double Knock Out will really grow like crazy if you apply Miracle Grow every month until cooler weather in fall. 

The number one cause of plant death is lack of adequate water at planting time. Be sure to completely saturate your new Knock Out Rose’s roots and potting soil before you place them into the planting hole. For the first year, your rose will need to be watered every day that it doesn’t rain. This will help it acclimate to your soil and spread vigorous roots into the surrounding area.

However, you probably won’t need to do a lot of heavy pruning. Knock Out Roses, especially the classic Red Double Knock Out Rose, usually grow quite uniformly. If your personal new blooming wonder starts to grow unevenly or send up a couple overly long stems, a light trim to shape it is good. A little snip here and there will help your new easy to grow rose bush mature with a thick, dense shape.

Your Double Red Knock Out Rose will easily adapt to your soil and climate. We know you’ll want to get the ultimate beauty out it right away. Just by following these few simple pointers, you will be amazed at the performance you’ll get from your Knock Out Rose Tree and Knock Out Rose Bushes.

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