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Planting and Caring for Knock Out® Rose Shrubs

First, choose a planting location in full sun for your new Knock Out® Rose Shrub. You will be rewarded with more abundant blooming the more hours of sunlight your new rose gets!

Be sure to completely saturate your new Knock Out® Rose Shrub’s roots and potting soil before you place them into the planting hole. And for the first year, your rose will need to be watered every day that it doesn’t rain. This will help it acclimate to your soil and spread vigorous roots into the surrounding area.

Once you've selected your location, dig a hole that's large enough to accommodate your shrub's root ball, backfill the area, and water to settle the roots.

After planting, you can water to settle the shrub's roots and mulch the surrounding soil.

Watering Your Knock Out® Rose Shrubs

Generally, you'll want to water your Knock Out® Rose Shrubs weekly, especially if you don't get at least one inch of rainfall during that time. If you're not sure when to water, simply check the surrounding soil about 3 inches down for dryness.