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How to Care for Crape Myrtle Trees

Also referred to as Crepe Myrtle Trees, Crapes are fairly easy to grow but need the right conditions to thrive. First, you want to be sure you have picked a planting location that is full sun for best flowering. Once you've got your ideal location, dig your hole two times wider and deeper than the root ball size.

You can also help keep the soil loose for the first year by mixing compost or humus into your soil when planting.

Water the roots in well with an application of fertilizer when you finish planting and mulch the area to hold the moisture. Repeat the feeding once a month or apply slow release fertilizer a couple weeks after the booster treatment. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts with fast growth and bigger, more abundant blooms.

Watering Crape Myrtle Trees

Make sure to water well during weeks without regular rainfall. After the first year, you'll notice better drought tolerance and brighter, fuller blooms.