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It's spooky season! And though you may not be able to go door to door for candy past a certain age (boo!), it doesn't mean you can't stock up on a few treats yourself (yay!). Plus, from our Ice Cream Banana to our October Glory, we have the ideal selection to provide home-grown snacks, vibrant color, and more.

Trick or tree? Tree, please! So, dress up your yard, get a bounty of goodies, and take your October game up a notch with our top 4 for October.

1. Ice Cream Banana Tree

It's like growing your own vanilla ice cream. The Ice Cream Banana Tree produces a blue-hued fruit, and seriously - it's the sweetest banana you've ever tasted. So, it's like a tropical paradise with beautiful red flowers, huge leaves and fruit. Even better? It withstands colder temperatures and high winds.

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the fruit tree for you. And the outer 'skin' of each banana boasts a bluish hue, juxtaposed against unusual lime-green leaves. Exotic looks and taste? Check! But don't take our word for it...try it for yourself.

2. October Glory Red Maple

Truly living up to its name, the October Glory holds its color and leaves longer than most other varieties. Plus, the canopy has a spreading oval shape for shade that's second to none. And when it's established, your October Glory Maple will makes gains of up to 5 feet each year!

Ice Cream Banana to October Glory Red Maple for October

But it's not just for fall. For starters, its summer foliage has a sheen that glistens in the sunlight, and it stands up to drought like a champ once established. Calling the October Glory rugged and resilient is an understatement...this is a choice Maple for almost any locale.

3. Minneola Tangelo Tree

Super succulent fruit, very little pump, and almost zero seeds: The Minneola Tangelo Tree is lusciously sweet and hassle-free. It's a cross between white grapefruit and juicy tangerines, creating unique flavor that's second to none.

Plus, the best part? No matter where you live, you can harvest your own! You get home-grown, chemical-free Minneola Tangelos without hassle. Eat them off the tree, can or cook; no matter how you enjoy them, you won't regret harvesting your own Tangelos.

4. Pieris Mountain Fire

From late winter into early spring, Pieris Mountain Fire sets your landscape alight. In fact, new leaf growth brings a pop of flaming red tones, which can occur again in mid-summer under the right conditions. It's out of this world, to say the least.

Pieris Mountain Fire for October
And you get the promise of pinkish-white flower clusters in unusual hanging chains, resembling an elegant garden-bound chandelier. Pieris is truly a dramatic plant that you'll have to see to believe.

But whether you get Pieris, the Minneola, October Glory, or the Ice Cream Banana (maybe even all four), you'll be good to grow for this season and years to come. There's nothing like the feeling of fall, and fall gardening fits right into the carefree, cool vibes of the season.

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