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How to Grow Fragrant Tea Olive Shrubs

Sweet Osmanthus is a rugged, easy-to-grow evergreen shrub. When your new Fragrant Tea Olive arrives, let it rest in the shade for a couple of days before planting it out in your yard. Keep the roots moist and let it recoup from the trip.

How to Plant the Fragrant Tea Olive

Be sure to loosen the soil well before planting your Fragrant Tea Olive. Then, once you're ready to plant, dig a hole large enough to accommodate your Tea Olive's root ball, place your shrub, and backfill. Finally, water the area to settle your shrub's roots.

Pruning the Sweet Osmanthus

Tea Olives can be left natural or sheared. How you shape this new flowering bush is up to you and your landscape design. It will blend well into a natural setting with a light trim to ensure it grows thick and full.