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You’re going to love this easy-to-grow Ilex. Just be sure to pick a planting spot in full sun for the best appearance vigorous growth. Sky Pencil Holly will be drought tolerant faster if you prep your planting hole right. Dig it twice as deep and twice as wide as the root ball.

Be sure to really make the ground soil loose. This will let the roots spread faster without having to put a lot of muscle into the effort. Adding some compost or humus to the soil is always a good way to assist your holly bush to root out with lightning speed.

Give your new landscape holly an added boost when you plant it. If you treat your Sky Pencil with an application of acid fertilizer like Holly-Tone, it will grow even faster in your yard. To get increased foliage growth, you need more roots first. By keeping your hollies well fed the first season you also increase the rate of drought tolerance. 

The Sky Pencil Japanese Holly stays straight and narrow naturally. It will be best to keep the top growth sheared of flat. Not only for appearance, but also to allow your new columnar evergreen to stay full.

Sky Pencils will someday reach 10-feet tall. Keep it shorter by keeping it sheared to the size your want.

Always saturate the root ball completely when you plant new Holly Shrubs in your yard. You don’t want to shock the plant while it is adapting to your environment. Watering after you finish planting may not be able to reach all the roots. Sky Pencil Holly will best acclimate to your soil and climate if you water it regularly the first year. Once it is well established, drought won’t bother it at all.