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The Miss Kim Lilac is one of the most beautiful and fragrant of all lilac bushes. It is thought by many to be the number one lilac in the Midwestern United States.

'Miss Kim' is one of the most widely grown because of its compact and upright-rounded form. It grows to about 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The Miss Kim Lilac produces a fragrant pale lavender blue flower in the spring and the dark green leaves turn a beautiful reddish purple in the fall.

The Miss Kim Lilac prefers full sun to thrive, but will also live in areas of partial shade. This lilac needs well drained soil and grows well on hillsides. The Miss Kim Lilac makes a wonderful shrub for foundation plantings and does well in providing a privacy screen when planted in groups.

If the weather is hot and dry, you should not hesitate to supply your lilac with a drink. A good sign to watch for in water deficiency is the status of the leaves. Wilting or folded leaves can indicate your lilac needs water.

Just be aware that overwatering lilacs can cause them to drown, hence the need for a well draining soil. Once established, your lilac will be able to cope with dry spells, especially if you applied bark mulch when planting. If you choose to fertilize your lilac, it is recommended that you fertilize in the early spring to boost plant growth and again after blooming season ends to promote flower bud set for the following year.

How to Plant a Miss Kim Lilac: Locate the planting hole in a sunny spot (at least six hours if preferred). Be sure the area is well-drained. Dig a wide hole approximately 3-4' in diameter and as deep as the height of the root system of you Lilac Shrubs. Place the lilac in the center of the hole and back fill firmly with soil. Water your lilac generously and place a layer of bark mulch 3-4 inches deep covering the planting area.