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Low-maintenance Pink Muhly Grass will grow faster with a few simple tricks. Muhly Grass is easy to grow in full sun but you will want to help it adapt to your soil quickly. By following some tips from our planting expert, you’ll be rewarded with great landscape impact right away.

Prepping the planting spot right is important for faster beauty. You want your new ornamental grass to like it in your yard. First, dig the hole two times the size of the roots and shred the ground soil well with your shovel. Plants that have an easy time spreading out new roots will not have to work hard at getting bigger. Mixing some compost or humus into the soil to keep it loose the first year. You need lots of strong roots for faster top growth and the ability to withstand drought.

Your new Muhlenbergia Grass will be less likely to go into planting shock with moisture. Always soak the roots completely before covering with soil while planting. You can really give grasses a boost if you apply MiracleGro to your new plant. Repeating the feeding once a month until fall the first year will reward you with extra exuberance.

Muhly Grass is very low-maintenance, though. The easier it can spread roots out well into your soil, make sure you water it regularly. You will get more impact to your landscape if your new grass isn’t struggling to adjust and grow at the same time. You will want to cut back the old foliage to a couple inches tall really early in the spring. This will help you avoid shearing off the tips of tender new growth you might not see hidden in last year’s leaves. That’s all there is to getting the most performance from your new Muhly Grasses and Ground Covers when enjoying its beauty in your yard and garden.