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Winter and spring blooming Camellia Japonica can easily adapt to your location. By using these few simple professional tricks, your flowering Camellia Shrubs will really put on a show. Japonicas need light shade and protection from hot later day sun. Picking the right planting spot is the first step in growing beautiful shrubs.


Success with April Snow Camellia is easier with a correctly planting preparation. Dig it twice as deep and wide as the root ball. Shred the soil well with your shovel. Make sure to completely soak the roots before covering. Watering in after you finish does not ensure that all the roots have good moisture. Mixing compost or humus in with the ground soil will keep it loose the first year. Loose soil always makes it super easy for camellias to spread out new roots rapidly.

Debutante Camellia will double immediate adaption with a little booster shot. A nice application of MiracleGro is great for protecting newly installed brushes from transplant shock. Applying slow release camellia food a couple days later will help your Kramer’s Supreme Camellias grow faster and bloom like mad.

It is wise to water your camellias regularly the first full year. Doing so helps them develop vigorous roots to allow lots of new stems and flowers. This is how you can get it to quickly establish and deal with nature’s extremes in good health. You will be rewarded for these simple efforts many times over with the improved performance of very beautiful landscape dwellers.

Trimming of your new Camellia Bushes is best done lightly. Japanese Camellias must be shaped and pruned right after they finish flowering. If you miss the window for trimming, you will cut off the next season’s blooms. Following these simple tips will be worth the few extra moments of your time for years to come.