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Growing Camellia Sasanqua in your yard is easier with a few little professional tips. Your Yuletide Camellia will really perform using some tricks that begin when you are ready to plant. Fall-blooming Camellia Sasanquas do tolerate more sun and wind than other camellias in warmer hardiness zones. If you are located in the north, give it full sun but protect it from cold wind. In the south, you will have to water every day when planting these flowering evergreens in the sun.

To get fast growth, the hole for your Mine No Yuki Camellia should be dug right. Make it two times bigger than the root ball and shred the ground soil well. Mixing some compost or humus in with the soil will help it stay loose the first year. This lets your evergreen camellia spread roots without having to struggle at the task. The faster its roots into the ground, the lower maintenance it will be.

Shi Shi Gashira Camellia will adapt far better if you don’t let it go into shock. Thoroughly soak the root ball before covering it with soil. Watering after planted might not reach all the roots. A shot of MiracleGro will be a boost against shock while your camellia gets used to your environment and soil. The first year you will want to make sure your new shrub grows roots fast. You can really help it speed up the process with slow release camellia food applied a couple of weeks after planting.

It is good practice to water Camellias regularly the first year in your yard. A little special treatment will reward you with luscious growth and larger, more abundant blooms the first fall. Consistent feeding programs really will make your Camellia Sasanquas shine through all the years to come.